Developed by an madly creative team -


Totally built in AISI 304 stainless steel;

Useful capacity from 50L/314BBL to 60L/377BBL;

High shine polished external finishing;

Polished internal finishing;

Thermal insulation in high density expanded polyurethane;

Refrigeration through expanded straps distributed in the body and cone;

Valve for pressure control of the CO2 from 0 to 2.5 bar;

CO2 inlet valve;

Level rule with an exclusive 3-way valve for total draining;

Spray-ball for CIP, removable by means of a Top Plate;

Sample extraction valve in the tank body for microbiological analysis;

Sanitary butterfly-type valves for the entrance and exit of products;

PT-100-type temperature sensor and its respective
measuring shaft installed in the tank;

Temperature controller;

On-off solenoid valve;

Removable porthole with a certified sealing rubber;

Height-adjustable support legs in interlocked stainless steel tubes;

Optional system for Dry-hopping or insertion of other products;

Optional system for heating the tank.