Developed by an madly creative team -

Mashing Rooms

Biblock, triblock, quadriblock and pentablock mashing rooms;

Totally in AISI 304 stainless steel;

Steam operated, by semi-indirect jackets and central boiling kettle;

Useful capacity from 1,000L/6,3BBL to 10,000L/63BBL per manufacturing;

Exclusive layout format, customized for each customer;

Glass doors customized for each customer;

High shine polished external finishing;

Polished internal finishing;

Internal lighting;

Line visors with LED lighting;

Exclusive clarification system, gravitational control;

CIP system for cleaning;

Manufacturing platforms totally in AISI 304 stainless steel;

Standard accessories, sink on a platform, sample collector,

System for residue removal, etc.;

Manual or automatic control system;

Partial or total automation with the exclusive Serra Inox software,

with the possibility of remote monitoring;

Automatic wort cooling system;

Operation control through HMI [Human Machine Interface].